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Velocity Vision provides clarity of purpose and evolves with the ever-changing environment, which is key to our organization's vision.


We have a tendency to be deeply absorbed in how we can assist our clients to create innovative growth. We have multiple designed thoughts and are eager to share and express them to our clients to help create and bring to market meaningful products, services, and experiences.


We believe that our clients deserve better and our mission moves us towards the relentless application of creative intelligence to the growth of our client’s business.


We're a tight-knit, down-to-earth group of forward-thinking professionals with a passion for design and usability. We are a culture-driven bunch that loves being in the driver’s seat as industries evolve. We are planners, designers, builders and developers of the marketing and events arena we operate in. We never say no to a challenge!

Our passion


It’s simple really. We do what we do because we love doing it. We thrive on building lasting relationships while producing quality work for ambitious, open-minded clients who understand and value the creative process.


Everyone is chasing the 'A-ha!' moment. We aim to achieve this with everything that we do.


For us the big picture of an event, campaign or strategic direction is just as important as the detail. We craft each and every pixel to deliver the desired result.


We believe that a partnership of great success comes from focused, long-term relationships. We are just as passionate about the success of your brands and businesses as you are.



Creatively Aware

We often chatter about anything creative, innovative and fun. We’re an agency with smart thinking & killer creative instinct. We touch motives for your brand. There’s a reality to the importance of the creative services that we provide. We are always proactive and efficient in the delivery of your requirements.



Things are always changing. We are constantly learning new things, asking questions and adapting to our clients and the task at hand.



Transparency and clear communication with our clients makes for a better working environment. No handballs and simply being real.



It’s the extra effort that counts. We work hard, support each other and know our craft inside and out. Our flawless execution speaks volumes about our service excellence.

Our strengths

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