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Creative Design

Effective visual design and communication is essential.

We skillfully use our creative talent to make your visuals come alive.

Product Marketing material

Brand Discovery & Strategy

Image is important. Intuitively we all react to visual language and having the correct identity that is aligned with your strategy and context is critical to success. We create and design engaging brand identities with comprehensive style guidelines so that you wear it well.

How will your brand be portrayed into this new year?

How will your brand make a splash?


It doesn’t take much time nor huge budgets to make a splash.

Make sure your strategy includes some disruptive marketing.  Turning heads drives sales!  Lest we forget the power of clever marketing!

Your business or organisation has a life force of its own. How it looks, feels and behaves can be best surmised as your ‘brand’. By gathering insights and perceptions through our proprietary workshop process, we can define your brand and provide strategic direction.

Website Design & Development

Your website outshines your competitors, you’re all set up on social media, so now what? It’s time to start thinking like your target market. Tap into our expertise to identify the next progressive steps for your brands/company. We think the creation of an online experience is as important as having a Home button.

Event Management

Bringing your event to a successful breath of life is close to our core. We oversee and manage every aspect of your event from the invitations to the table décor. We treat every event no matter how big or small with the same interest and execution ability.


Our corporate clients entrust us with transforming our planning and ideas into a magical creation.


• Themed events

• Uniquely designed invitations

• Hospitality

• Finely crafted menu items

• Table Décor

• Branding elements

• Entertainment

• On-site support & management

• Exhibition build

• Client tokens/gifts

• Thank you emails and notes

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